We’ve done something very special for you...

Each day on the trip there will be challenging routes AND easy routes.

Want hills? We have them.

Hate hills? Skip them!

It’s your vacation -- YOU get to decide each day when you wake up what sort of riding you want to do.

Many of these routes are one-way -- it would be impossible to do them on your own, and that’s why we’re here to help!

We do lots of large rides, but this trip is for a very select group -- only a few slots are available. 


Arrival day in Las Vegas.  You choose the flight that’s best for you. 

I checked out all of the major Las Vegas hotels in person and picked my favorite -- The Aria hotel and casino.  The hotel has received a 5-diamond rating from the AAA and a 5-star rating from Forbes.

Located right on the Las Vegas Strip in the middle of all the excitement. Walking (or biking!) distance to everything. Big, but not too big; full service, great rooms, terrific restaurants.  If you want to arrive a few days earlier just let us know and we’ll help.

No waiting at the hotel’s check-in desk -- we have your key for you.  Just stop by the hotel’s Lobby Bar, let us buy you a drink if you want one, and you’re on your way.

The first night we’ll dine at the Aria Hotel buffet.  Before you roll your eyes and start telling Las Vegas buffet stories, I’ve eaten here and I swear that this place really is nice.  Trust me on this one.

In the evening we have tickets to see Cirque du Soleil.

We have a big day tomorrow, so after the show sane and sensible folks will head straight to bed.

Which means that I won’t. (C’mon -- it’s Vegas!)

After the show I’ll be leading a short optional late-night bike ride along the Las Vegas Strip and you’re invited along.

Pedal the West riders, out on the Las Vegas Strip at night (above). It was amazing!


We’ll have a terrific breakfast followed by our daily morning Bicycle Doctor Office Hours when a pro bike mechanic will be available for any last-minute tweaking your bike might need.

Then we’re off down The Strip and on to Red Rock Canyon, located just outside of Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

There are several ride distances offered today from 14 - 60 miles.  The 14-mile route has no significant hills -- we drive you to the top so you can enjoy the downhill section only!  The 60-mile ride has some serious climbs -- see photo above.

Hill profile of just the climbing portion of Red Rock Canyon: “It’s not the heat; it’s the stupidity.” Climb it if you wish (I did it and lived to tell!), or we can drive your bike and you to the top and you can cruise down -- your choice.

As always we’ll be there with full S.A.G. (bike rescue) service in case you decide you’ve had enough and would prefer a lift.

We’ll have plenty of snacks at our rest stops including extra goodies you can put in your bike jersey pocket if you wish.

• • •

We hate group banquets -- you know, like a bad wedding where you only get a choice of chicken or fish and everything comes out sort of lukewarm-ish...

So instead we are holding reservations in a variety of first-class Las Vegas restaurants, all within easy walking distance of the hotel. We’ll post a list of restaurants and times and you pick the one that’s right for you. Pick a private table for two or join a group of your fellow cyclists -- your choice. This is included in the price of the ride.


After a great breakfast we’re off to Hoover Dam, via the most amazing bike path I’ve ever pedaled.  Routes today from 11 - 58 miles.  (And if you think that 58-miles sounds too short for you, wait until you see how spectacular this route

is -- you won’t be disappointed.)

After we visit Hoover Dam we will have some lunch and then transport you back to Las Vegas for one last night. Dinner tonight is at leisure -- you’re on your own to explore Vegas! Please try to stay out of jail.


We’ll have an early breakfast and then fly by private charter aircraft from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon for a fantastic ride along the South Rim. Photos don’t do the Canyon justice. You have to experience it yourself.

Todays routes are from 21 - 62 miles and they are all spectacular. The 62 has some climbs; the 21-mile route is pretty much ALL downhill! We’ll be there with snacks and drinks -- particularly important on this beautiful ride which does NOT pass any 7-11 stores!

Elevation profile of the 21-mile route on Grand Canyon day -- all downhill!

(Don’t let that old hybrid bike fool you; this Pedal the West rider can kick your butt... and mine too!)

OPTION: Skydive the Grand Canyon!

Yes, really.

If you wish, you can spend your morning skydiving over the Grand Canyon. (No, your bike does not skydive with you, wise guy!) Again, this is OPTIONAL. We rarely have mandatory skydiving on our trips.

This is a tandem dive -- you are fully connected to an expert instructor the entire time. We’ll make all the arrangements for you, but you can read up on the details here. Prices start at $299 per person, including transporting you from the skydive center back to meet up with the cycling group. Note that the price for skydiving is not part of your Pedal the West ride fee.

• • •

We end today’s day ride in the very small town of Cameron (population 885) for lunch (included in the price of the ride). Order what you wish, but I do recommend the Navajo Tacos.

From Cameron we’ll transport your bike and you down the road to Flagstaff, Arizona, where we’ll stay at the Embassy Suites.  (Flagstaff is home to 10,000 hotel rooms, and 97% of them are really scary.  The Embassy Suites is lovely).

Dinner is at a casual organic pizza and pasta restaurant with a good selection of craft beers and wines by the glass -- all a short walk from the hotel. Get settled in and head on over to dinner whenever you’re ready.


After breakfast and any last-minute bike tweaking by our pro mechanic we are headed through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona. Be prepared for some serious corkscrew downhills. Definitely the most popular ride on the trip. (Last year we had so much fun that we drove some folks back up the hill so they could zoom down a second time!)

Right before we get to Sedona we’ll stop at Slide Rock for a swim and a picnic.

We’ll stay in Sedona and have dinner there at the Oak Creek Brewery.


It’s departure day, but there’s one more OPTIONAL adventure:

After breakfast we’ll leave the road bikes at the hotel and rent some mountain bikes for an optional early-morning ride along the Sedona trails.  Nothing too difficult (I know NOTHING about mountain bike riding, and I’m going!)  This one costs extra, so that only those who want to go need pay.  Figure about $100 per person -- the price varies depending on which rental bike you select.  Or if you prefer you can just sleep in, hang out by the pool, or explore Sedona.


No need to pack up your bike.  Just hand it to us and you’re done.  We’ll bring it back to your choice of New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Kanas City, or Denver for you safe and sound. 

If you prefer to pack your bike and ship it or take it with you on the plane we’ll be there to help. Those options cost extra.

We’re flying out of Phoenix and we’re happy to drive you to the airport for free.  We’ll have two different departures so you can pick the right flight for you. Please note that these are the ONLY two departures we offer. There are local airport shuttles that can take you at other times of day for a fee, but these are the ONLY two free choices.

Depart Sedona 8 a.m. /Arrive at Phoenix airport about 10:30 a.m


Depart Sedona 1:30 p.m. /Arrive at Phoenix airport about 4:00 p.m. (NOTE: If you take this later trip you’ll still have to check out of your hotel room at 11:00 a.m., but we can hold your luggage for you if you wish while you explore).

TRIVIA ITEM: Yup, we’re flying in to Las Vegas on October 8th to start our adventure, but when the trip is over we’re headed home from the Phoenix airport on October 13th. 

Using different arrival and departures cities used to be a big deal way back when, and tickets would cost a fortune, but now the airlines don’t even blink, and you pay the same as any standard round-trip ticket. If you’re booking on-line look for a choice called Multi-City or similar and you’ll be all set.  For example:

VITAL for our NYC Friends!  See the example above.  I’ve selected NYC as my departure city. This means that this travel site will suggest flights FROM LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. Pick the one that’s best for you.

BUT... I’ve also picked NYC as my return city, and the software will again suggest flights TO LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. 

SO... if you’ve left your car parked at LaGuardia, be sure that your return flight is ALSO going to LaGuardia!  Clear as mud?  You bet!


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