If you’re from the Northeast you probably already know how much fun our rides are -- The Ride to Montauk, The Farm Ride, Bike the River Valley, The North Fork Century... You can see our other rides here.

And if you live elsewhere, you might be wondering who the heck we are, and why you should trust us with your bike, your money, your valuable vacation time, and your life!

Fair enough!

My name is Glen, and I’ve been putting on great rides for the past 20 years, after narrowly escaping a career as a corporate public relations guy. This is my full-time job, and I’m proud of our rides and our crew.

We are the tour company for people who hate guided tours.

See, we don’t go to tourist traps. No boring guides who drone on about stuff you don’t really care about.

There’s a better way.

Maybe you have a story about the time you were traveling and met some good people who tipped you off about the really cool places to see or dine.

That’s where we go -- we want to hang out where the locals go.

We also like to ride places that are nearly impossible to visit on your own. We charter planes to take us from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, because there are no scheduled flights that go there! (Thereby saving you a four-hour slog in a bus. Ugh!)

Our crew works hard to make sure you have a great ONE-WAY pedal along the rim of the Grand Canyon (because if you were on your own you would have to see only half the trip, and then make a U-turn to go back where you started).

We welcome cyclists who want to do only the downhill sections AND riders who want to hammer up every hill they can find. Whatever YOUR riding style, we’re glad to have you along.

Questions? Drop me a note -- always glad to hear from you.


Your tour director and humble servant.


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